Barnacle Bills Seafood Market


7 Albacore Tuna Pouches (Shipping Included)

$ 62.95

This Oregon Albacore Tuna was hooked by our semi-wild friends in the ocean across the road, using real live pole-and-line gear. It's especially young and tasty - and pressure-cooked and sealed to perfection in a non-BPA retort pouch so it leaps out of the bag as the best Tuna you've ever tasted. A great source of protein that is naturally high in omega-3 and certified green-light Sustainable by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

These retort pouches serve the same purpose like canned fish only they are in a pouch instead. The simplicity of the pouch allows for less room taken up by bulky cans, is much lighter, the easy tear open design makes needing a can opener a thing of the past, and they still last up to 3 years in the pouch without being refrigerated.  

This product is great for outdoor enthusiasts, people that are always on the go and anyone that just wants a yummy healthy snack you just have to tear into.

 Ingredients: Oregon Albacore Tuna, Sea Salt.